Monday, August 5, 2013

Three redwood trees
Lean into each other.
Reminds me of two soldiers we saw in Bali on a motorbike.
The passenger leaned into his buddy's back
Clutched arms around him and napped.

Redwood trees and one mis-managed palm?
What folly.
I raise my arms in a Y, stop mid-sidewalk
At 10 o'clock in sleepy foggy Berkeley who's to stop me?
I allow myself one more question, because again I can't believe my bad luck
and need to yell in my head, astonished all over again

"Why me?"

and walk on.


  1. We are all caught in the randomness. I stop in the road too and wonder why and then walk on. We must stay strong. We just must.

  2. Everything I want to type here is coming out wrong. In summary: I think "why you" about Carey Jane a lot.