Friday, August 30, 2013

About Attachment

 Look, look! I love this drinking glass! It holds the water admirably, it reflects the light beautifully!
  Yet for me, this glass is already shattered.
  Therefore I cherish every minute with it.
                            -Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah, as told to Mark Epstein


He and I nose to nose, dragging out goodnight. I kiss his delicious doughy belly, soft as a baker’s bun, satisfyingly round.
He hugs me back tighter than you’d think possible
For a 3 year old.
We push our faces into each other’s necks and squeeeeeeeeze.

He won’t allow this much longer.

Who will he become?
I admire it, although I won’t see it.

We part slightly, I lean on one elbow to regard him.
He is strong. I see his tiny deltoids
small hills on milky arms.
Hands cupped behind his head, a kind confidence.
He is open, he is poised.
“You are beautiful, Mama!” he suddenly smiles.

For me this boy is already grown,
And I will shatter soon.
I cherish every minute.


  1. Oh, sweetie. Love you so much.

  2. Do not fear my dear. He is already grown and forever an infant. Still in the womb even. My son, at 15, still leans in for these moments of intimacy. A child who would have unzipped my outer layer and crawled into my skin had he been given the option. Today, though it is fleeting, he will lean in and ask for exactly the same comfort he craved as an infant. I am convinced we come into this world as we leave it. A bit of refining here and there, roughening in other places, but the essence of who were are remains

  3. And what I really intended to say...this is beautiful and profound, and oh so simple. I cried when I read it. Thank you for sharing!