Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Seasons of the Bay Area As Noted By the Five Senses

Newcomers, naysayers: This is how we tell our quintuplets apart.  

Spring: Taste. Bitter flowers on children's tongues. Feta cheese (goat).
Summer: Touch. Cotton blend sweaters. Fog on faces, in lungs.
Bay Area Summer: Vision. Orange moon. Brown hills. Sutro Tower partially obscura.
Fall: Hearing. The leaves blow fiercer, and pause. The trees are in a hurry all of a sudden.
Winter: Smell. The bay, two miles inland. Rotting humos. 


  1. Delicious images. Thy are like your fog "on faces, in the lungs"

  2. Oh, I can smell, feel, taste, hear, see. Glorious poem.